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Sushi Classes

With Chef Yoshi at Aya Sushi

Welcome to Aya Sushi, where the art of sushi making comes alive under the skilled hands of our very own Chef Yoshi.
Trained in the heart of Tokyo, Chef Yoshi brings both authenticity and passion to each class, offering an engaging, hands-on experience for sushi lovers of all levels. 

Experience The Art of Sushi Making
Our sushi classes are more than just a learning experience; they are an opportunity to immerse yourself in the craft of sushi making.


Chef Yoshi is eager to share his deep understanding and love for sushi with each participant.


Whether you are a beginner eager to learn the basics or an experienced enthusiast looking to refine your skills, these classes are tailored to cater to all skill levels.

What You Will Learn

During the class, Chef Yoshi will guide you through the delicate process of:

  • Making Classic Maki: Discover the techniques for rolling perfectly tight maki.

  • Crafting House Maki: Discover the secrets behind Aya Sushi's signature maki rolls.

  • Preparing Crudo: Understand the art of slicing fish and dressing them minimally to enhance their natural flavours.

  • Assembling Nigiri: Master the balance between sushi rice and fish, achieving the ideal nigiri.

  • Each step is a combination of precise technique and artistic expression, ensuring that every piece of sushi is as beautiful as it is delicious.​


Interactive and Engaging Learning Environment

Set on our inviting covered patio, the ambiance is perfect for learning and interaction. The class is designed to be both educational and entertaining, making it the perfect evening out for individuals, couples, or groups. As you learn, you will also have the opportunity to ask Chef Yoshi questions, gain insights into the intricacies of sushi making, and share your experience with fellow sushi enthusiasts.

Enjoy specially curated cocktails

No sushi experience is complete without the perfect drink to complement it. Throughout the class, enjoy a selection of specially curated cocktails that pair beautifully with the sushi you prepare. These refreshing beverages are chosen to enhance the flavours of the sushi and elevate your overall dining experience.

Take-Home Sushi Kit

To ensure that your sushi journey doesn't end when the class does, each participant will receive a take-home sushi kit. This kit includes a cutting board, a high-quality knife, a rolling mat, and chopsticks. Armed with these tools and the skills you've learned from Chef Yoshi, you can continue to practice and impress at home.


Sushi Class

April 27


at 5407A Bellaire Blvd

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