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New Sushi Menu - May 2024

Here’s what’s new to the Menu:


Kuruma Ebi: A Japanese tiger prawn that is only in season twice a year served panko crusted with house made wasabi mayo.

Thai Tea Smoked Tuna: Our premium bluefin tuna, house-smoked with aromatic Thai tea leaves and applewood, delivers a luscious dance of sweet and savory. Buttery tuna meets subtle smoky notes, finished with a touch of umami-rich tamari.

 Zuwaigani Sashimi: Premium sliced raw snow crab meat served with kani-su, a vinegar sauce specific to this piece.

Rairagai: This delicate shellfish boasting a texture reminiscent of scallops, is lightly seared, achieving a touch of caramelization. A vibrant flourish of nikiri and fresh ginger awakens the palate for a truly delightful experience.

Shigoku oysters: Straight from the Pacific Northwest, these oysters boast a beautiful balance of briny and sweet, finished with a crown of refreshing watermelon granita.

Hadate Uni : Fresh from the icy waters of Japan's Okhotsk sea, we present the rarest Murasaki uni: the king of Uni. Indulge in its unmatched creamy texture as nigiri or sashimi.

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