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Introducing Our Spring Omakase

Spring is a season of rebirth and exquisite flavors from the first blooms of the year. No-one at Aya is more excited than our head Chef Yoshi Katsuyama to welcome our vibrant and fresh Spring Omakase menu. Masterfully crafted with the freshest seasonal ingredients to give you the taste of Japanese Spring.

The Freshest Fish In Texas

We take great pride in sourcing only the freshest fish and ingredients from Japan. Combine it with the largest Sake list in Texas and you'll be transported to Japan in Spring while with us.


New Seasonal Recommendations

♦ Kuruma Ebi, a Japanese tiger prawn that is in season twice a year served panko crusted with house made wasabi mayo 

♦ Thai Tea Smoked Tuna, a premium selection blue fin tuna smoked in house with Thai tea leaves and applewood, giving it a combination of a sweet flavor with buttery tuna, brushed with tamari 

♦ Zuwaigani Sashimi, this premium selection is served with kani-su, a vinegar sauce specific to this piece 

♦ Rairagai:  This comb pen shellfish has a similar texture to scallops. It is lightly seared and topped with nikiri and fresh ginger 

♦ Shigoku oysters: From the Pacific Northwest, these oysters are briny, sweet, clean flavor topped with watermelon granita 

♦ Hadate Uni : This is an extremely rare find from Japan near Okhotsk Sea. It is the highest, most premium grade of Murasaki uni you will find in the world, known as the King of Uni. We serve it nigiri and sashimi style. 

♦ Whiskey Ocha Wari: This cocktail for two is served warm in a kettle. Enjoy a warm spice and honey infusion with natural tea and Japanese whiskey. 

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